Quick-Freeze Hacks for Arenas & Curling Clubs

The Hack Rack was originally designed for curling on arena ice where there is no permanent curling equipment. However, it can also be used in dedicated curling facilities to shorten the sheet and allow junior curlers to throw from shorter distances.

How does it work? The Hack Rack is an aluminum plate that has a series of slots and tabs that melt into the ice surface and produce a firm bond. Under normal use, the Hack Rack will not come out of the ice unexpectedly.

How long do they take to freeze? If the Hack-Rack assemblies are stored in an arena environment, and placed upside down on the ice during ice-resurfacing (to pre-cool the rubber), they will be frozen and ready to curl in less than 5 minutes.

Which rubber hacks work with the Hack Rack? The Hack-Rack is designed to accept Marco, Thompson Superhack, and the new Olson Canada hack. The Hack-Rack comes fully assembled with Marco Hacks, or it can be ordered without hacks (the necessary mounting screws are included).

Where have Hack-Racks been used?
" 2000 US Curling Championships (Ogden, Utah)
" 2001 World Junior Championships (Ogden, Utah)
" 2002 Olympic Curling Competition (Ogden, Utah)
" regularly used by Ogden Curling Club, San Francisco Bay Curling Club & Cleveland Skating Club


Hack-Rack frame only (without Marco Hack, but includes mounting screws &washers)
Qty 1-3              $27 each (US$)
Qty 4-12            $25 each (total cost for 4-sheet rink = $200)
Qty 13 or more   $22 each

With Marco Hack installed
Qty 1-3              $59 each
Qty 4-12            $56 each (total cost for 4-sheet rink = $440)
Qty 13 or more   $53 each

Double Hack-Rack (left and right hacks) is also available.
Qty 1-7 = $105 (with 2 Marcos) or $49 without
Qty 8 or more = $102 (with 2 Marcos) or $46 without

Installation Instructions

Need additional information?
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